GIANT Bowl Systems: Low-Intensity Vibrational Therapies Intro class

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90 min. workshop on Monday evenings 7 to 8:30 Includes  brief

with a question and answer period  and 30-minute Sonic wave journey

Learn how to initiate, teach and use at home or in your profession the Tibetan Tones®️Giant Bowls

Engineered based on the science of low vibrational therapy.

The natural stimulation occurs as your muscles imperceptibly relax and contract to maintain your posture.

Vibration therapy promotes bone density; researchers of vibration machines for therapy have several possible explanations.

Vibration enhances muscle and bone circulation, boosting the supply of nutrients to these tissues. 

Vibration may also counter an age-related change in bone marrow. Marrow contains certain stem cells that may be converted into bone-building cells (osteoblasts), fat cells, or other cell types, depending on the signals they receive. Laboratory experiments at the University of North Carolina have shown that these stem cells are more likely to become osteoblasts (and less likely to turn into fat cells) when exposed to low-intensity vibration.”


In using Tibetan Tones®️ Giant bowls, it is the entrainment effect of the overtones and multi harmonics that make all the difference to the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE BODY - MIND - SPIRIT. The rich velvet tones are instantly calming the nervous system, the recipient is not ON GUARD, feels a sense of safeness and security.  The waves of vibrations are performing a dance with the blood and BLOOD VESSELS begin to expand or really DE-CONTRACT. Circulation is flowing. The heart pumps blood now able to reaches to the very ends of the spider capillaries in the brain that are otherwise starved for blood an oxygen 

Waves travel up the meridians right to the brain stem. The awareness in initiating the bowl is key, making contact with deliberation in the mantra. The sounds and gentle vibrations allow muscles and blood vessels to come out of constricted mode without causing too much expansion as opposed to effect a cup of coffee or alcohol will create. Over expanding, muscles and vessels only cause a rebound of MORE constriction when it wears off.

This is for 10 students only. Sign up early. Please bring socks.

No smokers or perfume. Please be mindful of the sensitive people.


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