Deep Yang Resonator Singing Bowl # 1 bowl for massage series

The Deep Resonator , Lg. Is the main bowl used for grounding as well as for deep sound vibration massage. This bowl is a favorite for on the body as well as in a yoga room.  It is over 11" wide and deep rich in tone. This is a long sustaining instrument that has the ability to remove blood stagnation and stimulate deficient Qi.  Used on lower thoracic, lumbar and sacrum. In the supine position on the abdomen and over ovaries. the subtle vibrations are felt deep into the body. It is a typical Yang bowl and restores both Yang and Yin meridians.  It the bowl that takes you home on the first strike with it's rich overtones that give the sensation of being wrapped in velvet.  11" wide, 2000kg  This is an extraordinary  long sustaining bowl. The Deep Yang Resonator bowl is fired and hammered and extra round and its metal configuration is a proprietary blend formulated only for Tibetan Tones Transformations .

includes felt ring, draw string bag, felt beater, suede stick.