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THE KIT PACKAGE FOR PREPAY $985 includes class fee. Offer ends 9/1/2017
after that whole price will be $1485.
A class for massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Reiki Practitioners and those who would like to learn the powerful dynamics of sound in our lives.
  • Parents of children on the Spectrum. ( call Elaine)
  • Baby boomer children of aging parents. 
  • Sound and neurological disorders. 

Class starts Saturday.9/9   11am to 4 PM  to Sun. 10am 9/10 3PM hours may go longer if anyone wants  we will have a Sonic Wave Journey  at 6pm Sunday

         You do NOT have to take level 1 to take this class.                                       

  • Purchase of singing bowls is NOT required to take this class. 
  • Fee is $399 for 2 Days (see discount kit) 

Class instruction includes:

How sound is used to effect human consciousness.

Inherited miasms and effects of vibrational frequency to shift the conditions that haunt people.

The proper use of Gigantic singing bowls. 

What MERIDIAN theory is  really all about. 

Sonic Wave Journeys

Ayurveda Aura Toning. 

Largest inventory of Tibetan Singing bowls and Gongs  on East Coast.

Empowering your clients lives by teaching them the ability to shift and raise their own vibration.

*How to access a client for a sound therapy session in a professional manner. How to create the right environment for sound therapy. 

*How to use the specifically designed mallets for this type work with bowls on the body sound massage.

*Choosing the right bowl for application. Common mistakes people make.

*Partner practice and demonstration in the proper use of each bowl, various striking techniques.

* Timing - Rhythm - Beat- 

*Contra indications for various conditions and certain types of techniques. 

*Maintaining the integrity of The Practice 

*Timing of session and evaluating the prescribed course of treatments per client.

*How to work with elderly and various type clients.

*How to do Chair sound massage.

*The power of self Tonification. Harmonizing and creating the sound spectrum. 

*Singing bowls in particular create entrainment effect on brain through binaural beats.

Indian Classical music and healing.

About the notes.   About the Emotion of color

*What it takes to become a great Sound Yogi. How we can collaborate together to bring this to main stream society. discussions on various new wave sound healer instructors and difference in their techniques. 

*How using  a subtle  sounds can create a more robust treatment for practitioner.

*Why is sound work with TibetanTones so successful.

*Practitioners are taught in how to induce the theta brain wave state with only 3 specific singing bowls and one small awakener bowl.  

How professionals use  Tibetan Tones singing bowls with acupuncture. In a dental office, in psychotherapy. 

 *Tibetan Tones instruction booklet and other notes on sound will be sent via pdf email for further study.

Elaine will share various  out comes of the last 3yrs  working with clients  chronic conditions, the techniques she developed for group sessions and the purpose of opening Sonic Wellness Institute . 

New referral program. Tibetan Tones Yoga, Sonic Wellness Spa.

This is a gathering for anyone who wants to experience  2 days wrapped in the power of multi harmonics, learn, and share love and information. We welcome all experienced Sound Yogi's as well as professional therapists. 


 We have new bowl,sets also available. This set is the Massage set. More info call Elaine 917 748 6600

About TibetanTones Singing Bowls: 

              TibetanTones Pro Series -  

  • The design is perfected with specific attention to vibrational effect and harmonic tones.
  • 12 sound testing criteria for extra attention to how each set plays together to induce the theta wave state.  
  • This is the set that never fails in treatment always getting the best results when used by skilled practitioners.  

LG. Deep Resonator        $410.00
Size: 11.5” x 4.5”
Weight: 2080 gr.
Med. Deep Resonator     $198.00
Size 8.5”x 3.5”
Weight: 980gr.

Upper Body Chest Bowl           $265.00
Size: 8.8” x 3.5”
Weight: 1350

Awakener                         $59.00
Size 3.5”


Soft Beater,Boppers, suede wood sticks, felt rings, cotton string bags.

To own a set of TibetanTones therapeutic grade singing bowls is the mark of excellence in Sound Massage Therapy.  

INSTRUCTION BOOKLET  and all written materials. and pdf

No cancellation refund after Aug. 10th

Credit will be issued in singing bowls only.  NO cash refund.

  • Class               $  399.00 4
  • 4 pc. pro set.  $   932.00
  • --------------------------------
  • Total               $ 1331.00        
  •   Prepay            $985.00
  •   SAVE               $346.00
  • Savings is for early registration before 8/15
  • we will accept $300. Deposit to pay off by 8/15
  • email for deposit 

Certification or taking this training does not guarantee being on the, or referral programs.

Referral program: must own aTibetan Tones 3 bowl set for performing the protocol.


Tibetan tones will not refer to students who do not use our bowls. The bowls in training are all tuned and put together for a more predictable out come with clients. Over 20 yrs of research and development has gone into the formulation of our therapy and yogi sets. This is what allows us to keep our prices as low as we do for trainings.

Professional Licensed Massage Therapists will be listed on the website and welcome in the referral program.

Certified yoga instructors will be listed on the Sound Yoga section of website .

Studio and Spa owners : call 917 748 6600 to learn more about our associate program.

Students who have no state licensing will have to submit 30 hours of practical  hands on treatments with reviews from their clients about their studio environment, treatment and own the Tibetan Tones 3 bowl pro set. 

Lots of new things plus we will thoroughly work the table method.

New Angelheart Linen Dreamers designed special for sound practice.

Additional classes will be given in Addictions therapy and Family Sound Vibrational therapy.

 Class 351 Larkfield RD in E. Northport, NY 

We will pick you up at the train

Any questions please email or just call 917748 6600