Singing Bowl.


The Tibetan Tones® Sonic Wave Singing Bowl has a rounded design that helps produce a deep sustained tone. It goes on and on. This bowl is heavier by design with unique rounded shape. This bowl is used in sound massage and is wonderful for creating the sound blanket over the entire room.
A special combination of high quality alloys along with this shape makes every bowl unique. It can be played alone of as a part of your own designed Spirit healing orchestra.

The Tibetan Tones Sonic Bowl's expansive, rich tones are excellent for cultivating peaceful vibrations for sound healing.
Used as a gong for Zen meditation and also as a Zen singing bowl in Sutra hall for chanting.
Sonic Wellness Sound Yoga studios use for savasana and pranayama deep breathing. 
Includes soft beater and leather rim stick with felt ring and cotton bag for protection.  


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