Chimes Multitree Extended Range TRE416 by TreeWorks Chimes -

Multitree - Extended Range

TreeWorks Chimes - The MultiTree™ - Three sound effects in one - Large single row chime on a solid Tennesse White Ash Mantle, sand cast bronze finger cymbal & 4-inch high carbon steel Triangle with stainless steel triangle beater - Hand-tied w/ braided CordLoc to last (NO PLASTIC TIES) - Polished & T-6 Tempered bars for brilliant tone - 3/8-inch thick solid Aluminum/Titanium alloy - Handmade in Nashville, Tenn., U. S. A.

New MultiTree™ Chime with an extended range of chimes for longer sweeps. Also included is a finger cymbal, triangle and stainless steel beater. The bars are TreeWorks' specific aluminum/titanium blend heat treated to T-6 specifications to produce a brilliant tone and hand-tied with 50lb CordLoc™. The finger cymbal is sand cast bronze and the triangle is high-carbon steel. This instrument combines these three specific sounds to help you save space and increase the diversity of your sound.

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