Set LG & Med. Thick Rim Studio 2 bowls

This 2 bowl set comes with a Leather striker and a soft Felt Singing Bowl Mallet, Felt Rings for base and a  100% cotton drawstring bag.
Approximate  Measurements:   

Model # TT-F-2200.   $479.00
Bowl Diameter: 11.5" / 28.5cm
Bowl Weight: 2 lb 5 oz / 2.2 gr 

Model # TT-F-1400. $ 340.00
Bowl Diameter: 9.25" / 23.5 cm

  • Combines Bowl set $644.00 $65 savings.
  • The TibetanTones thick rim Bowls are heavier by design and used in therapy on upper body front and back: play beautifully in sound baths.
  • Blend and resonate with all other bowls . They play from high to a low warming tone which adds a richness of multitone to create your blanket of sound.
  • For in Kundalini yoga with gongs as well as Asthanga and Bikram yoga.  Aromatherapists and Reiki masters use
  • .Anxiety and Insomnia patients use for self care, and sound Vibration practitioners use around upper body.
  • This bowl design resembles the old style Himalayian and Nepal style singing bowls with thicker rims and walls. The tones are rich and velvety which creates soothing effect on the nervous system.
  • For Zen meditation as zen singing bowls as well as Sutra hall for Chanting.
  • Ayurveda chakra balancing is what these bowls were designed for also .
  • These bowls will be available at Sat Nam Feast in Joshua Tree and the Berkshires in 2017. 


Both bowls perfectly tuned and play will with all other tibetan Tone various shapes for a wonderful sound concert.

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