Singing Bowl for Chest area. Lung activator 9.75 "

Approximate Bowl Measurements:
Bowl Diameter: 9.75"
Bowl Weight:   1400g

Sound Healers favorite.  Used especially in Yoga studios for sound yoga and Sound Massage therapists for Sound vibrational healing. Perfect size for adult chest as the vibrations calm the breathing and break up any stagnant energy. Activates Lung and large intestine acupuncture points running from finger tips and up along the arm


This is a beautiful spa grade, made in Fair Trade family crafts, NO LEAD or MERCURY. bowl that gives off long sustaining multi harmonics and is good for self care meditations for insomnia and anxiety.

Kundalini yoga classes and for pranayama deep breathing exercised 

Also available in our sound healing trainings. Powerful bowls for yoga rooms.


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