TibetanTones Professional Grade Sound Massage Bowls

The Tibetan Tones Massage Singing Bowls are the highest quality hand made singing bowls in the world made by Manan Sharma. These bowls were specifically designed for Sound Vibration Therapy Massage. Used by professional body workers and therapists for aid in:

• Inducing a deep state of theta state relaxation through through effects of entrainment
• Relief with sleep disorders such as insomnia and dream disturbed sleep
• Activating Qi to increase blood flow and immune system
• Moving out obstruction through subtle vibrations of sound waves
• Calming the mind, body, and spirit
• Increasing creativity, clarity, sense of well being

How Tibetan Tones Massage Therapy Grade Singing Bowls are different from ordinary hammered singing bowls.. This is our top of the line highest grade bowl set.

TIBETAN TONES THERAPY SET (for Professional use )is a combination of 6 bowls tuned as a set to perform together to create the perfect “sound spectrum” in a massage session. These are not bowls made to hold food or for ordinary playing of singing bowls for sound play. These bowls have a specific 9 point quality check criteria that has to be passed before it can be considered PROFESSIONAL grade. The actual design was formulated by metallurgical engineers with specific predictable outcome desired effect in the use of the bowls. The direction and slow beat long sustain tone is what makes the difference in treatment.

 The Large abdominal deep Resonator and the  Medium 980gr bowl has specific design to create a deeper song sustaining vibration into the body.

The specific weight, shape and metal alloy content is what makes Tibetan Tones Sound Massage singing  bowls the most outstanding in terms of therapeutic results.  They were designed and engineered for creating long deep vibratory waves. This is what enables the bowls to activate a shift in the deepest levels where stuck energy hides, even psychically hides. The only way to understand this is to experience a treatment with knock off so called “ therapy grade” singing bowls and then the use the TIBETAN TONES® Therapy set.

300 gram zendo bowl. 59.00
250-300 gram face bowl 56.00
600-700 gram palm bowl. 99.00
900 gram universal bowl. 249.00
13000-1400 upper body High heart bowl. 365.00. 
2000- 2100 gram bowl abdominal/low back. 525.00

$100 discount  & free shipping  for whole set

Included:no extra
Felt rings, 60.00
Cotton string bags. 66.99
2 Soft beater for med & lg bowls. 17.99
1 Leather stick 6” 12.99
Instruction booklet for massage series 65.00