Sonic Wave Journeys

Sonic Wave Journey

A group style meditation lying down. Multiple instruments are used to produce the deep relaxing experience of meditation.  Participants drop into a theta brain wave dream like state.  The Sound waves and rhythms alter cellular functions through energetic effects; It entrains biological systems to a balanced state, calms the mind and restores the body.

It's emotional effects which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides which  helps raise the immune system.


• Stress reduction and deep relaxation
• Healthy sleep and regeneration support
• Stimulate self healing process in the body (medications reduction)
• Mental Clarity
• Enhances focus
• Energy regeneration and development
• Supports in the process of release of problems, old patterns, blockages
• Enhances memory and concentration
• Maintain harmonious professional relationships
• Overall wellness of their mind, body & soul.