Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers USA

Sonic Wellness Institute Rehabilitation Programs

  • Bringing custom in house, staff training programs to alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers.
  • Integrative trainings for Social Workers , Drug and Alcohol Counselors, First Responder Therapists, PTSD Therapists, Yoga Instructors. Energy workers in the world of Frequency Based Therapeutics.
  • A fully comprehensive educational hands on training that will enable staff to successfully implement 7 new sense orientated therapies into a rehabilitation facility and it's current programs.
  • Custom designed packages to suit each facility according to number of staff, in house patients, out patients, 
  • Includes all sound instruments, props, accessories, etc.

  • Tibetan Tones Therapies for PTSD and Addiction

  •  Stimulates self healing process  

    • Supports liver detoxification
    • Boosts endorphins
    • Helps control pain
    • Improved sleep patterns
    • Calms anxiety
    • Regulates digestion
    • Enhances creativity
    • Promotes emotional health
    • Enhances self awareness
    • Decreases blood pressure
    • Decreases inflammation
    • Raises immune system
    • Alleviates neuropathy 


    A Monastic Approach  to serenity and well being

     Indigenous music, daily rituals and sonic  meditations bring a new sense of  reverence for life. Confidence and motivation is restored. Transformational therapies support rehabilitation on whole new level. The Tibetan Tones Container of Compassion Project is a series of programs based on 7 Senses as a therapeutic approach to Alcohol, Drug Addiction Facilities.

    Our COCO Grieving families program is the inspiration for our rehabilitation programs.



                 Total Sensory Protocols

  • Reconnect Spirit

    • Tibetan Tones Core Module 

    • Sonic Wave Journey group

    • Tai Tone®️ movement 

    • Cosmic Rhythms 

    • Ayurvedic Oil Therapeutics

    • SAT©️ Sonic Auricular Therapy 

    • Zazen meditation

    • The Sutras
    • Family Constellation 
    • Inherited miasm
    • Zen Calligraphy


       Enhances 12 step recovery programs

       Private / Group counseling sessions.  

          In Patient - Out Patient  Protocols



    Sonic Wave Journeys

           Deep Relaxation Group Therapy

    •  Sonic waves create a blanket of subtle vibrations inducing a dream like theta brain wave state.
    • Feelings of safety and security bring about a mystical sense of joy and unity.

    • Obstructions to old traumas begin to dissolve.
    • A more objective view arises, which supports peeling through lifetimes of buried  emotions and trauma.
    • Group sharing is opened up more for all.
    • Sound waves and rhythms alter cellular functions through energetic effects.
    • Entrain biological systems to a balanced state.
    • Restores homeostasis.
    • A Taoist therapeutic movement series initiated with low density vibrational tones, creates internal support of entire endocrine system, muscles & tendons restoring balance, strength and flexibility.<
    • Auricular Seed Therapy
    • Pulsing vibratory effects initiate a sense of calming  to the heart and mind ______________________________________________________________________________________
    • Tibetan Tones®️CoreTherapy 

      Tibetan Tones®️ Singing Bowls, the worlds finest, singing bowls, lead free, sculpted by hand. Designed to produce a longer range  expansive vibratory effect penetrating deep into the body. An internal sonic massage on blood, vessels, bone and organs.The  Signature CORE series developed for chronic disease rehabilitation is the most effective form of vibrational frequency therapies today. Creating a unique effect; much more profound and longer lasting than acupuncture or massage. Known for its transformative break through effects.


      Ayurvedic Oil Therapeutics 

      Protocols specific for the detoxification and immune strength process has proven to be an invaluable tool in recovery of chronic disease and addiction. 

      Educational workshop formats also for staff to present to clients


        Cosmic Rhythms of the Heart

      • Accelerates physical healing
      • Boosts immune system
      • A full brain work out
      • Improves hand and muscle coordination
      • Strengthens cardiovascular.


      Our expert teaching staff travels to your facility to hold staff trainings and workshops. 

      Contact : Elaine Mackle, Director of Programs for consultation          917 748 6600