How Tibetan singing bowls work and a little history.

The 'singing bowls' are traditionally manufactured out of an alloy having eight types of
Metals containing mainly Copper and Tin. When struck or rubbed it produces a resonant humming tone. In the absence of any precise historical records, information pointing to the exact period in which these sorts of tone producing bowls were first manufactured has been lost with the passage of time. It is certain though, that the techniques required to produce utensils such as Bells, Gongs and Bowls of similar composition were well developed and in use in Asia at least 2500 years ago.The use of instruments such as Bells, Cymbals, Gongs etc., in meditation practices and other rituals are quite common.

In speaking about the history of singing bowls, we would like to talk about the modern day sound therapist who have been researching and designing singing bowls and the courses that are being successfully used all over the world for the last 20 to 30 yrs.
It is important to understand the fact that there are antique looking Tibetan singing bowls but the sound is not best for therapy. The bowls that are good are very expensive. In the US anything that is 25 yrs old is considered and antique. In India 25 yrs ago is definitely not old.

The pioneers in developing the highest quality modern day singing bowls made with the purest alloys are Peter Hess and Sunil Kumar Sharma. For over 20 yrs Hess and Sharma worked together in this process. The outcome of all their research, teaching and product development has produced the finest singing bowls in the world.

TibetanTones Therapy grade sets are the finest quality in the world made with this unique process and stringent quality control.  A Tibetan Tones Therapy grade bowl goes through 9 different QC check points for sound quality.

 Most hand hammered singing bowls produce between two and 7 notes on a western scale , therefore effect more than one chakra. We put together sets based on notes but more acurately based on the way the bowls blend as a set. So much can be done with just 3 Tibetan bowls because of the rich harmonics and microtones. This is where the power of hand hammered brass bowls out shines most forms of sound vibration therapy. It allows the PRACTIONER to tap into their own creativity which translates into sharing love in sacred form. PULSE - WAVE - FORM ......... LOVE

Crystal bowl produce what is scientifically led a pure sine tone. This is one pure intense tone as opposed to the interweaving of 3 sets of double tones with Belle Metal hand hammered singing bowls.


All is vibration. Plants, humans, stars, bodies of water, everything has a particular vibratory rate. When everything is in synch we are"at PEACE and healthy. Disease occurs when we are out of balance. Yin deficient or hand deficient or excess.
Singing bowls help"resynchronize" our bodies' own natural rhythms, due to the principle known as "the collective arrangement of phases", which states that two entities each operating on a cycle of phases will come into synchronization after being in prolonged proximity. Yin Yang Zen Practice and singing bowls.

In ZAZEN ( meditation) it is the strike of the tiny brass bowl by the Jiki-jitzu that clears the heart and mind,so the meditator may fall into a restful theta brain wave state. This occurs through entrainment effect of sound on the brain.
This use of bronze singing bowls in Zendo's in Japan dates back to as long as we know about the practice of zen meditation. The Tibetans Monks also used the wave tones of the bowls in their temples for meditation practice.

There are many articles written about the history and Tibetan monks using bowls for healing. A great deal of info around the bowls is hype to sell bowls. Truth is SOUND is a result of vibrations. Vibrations free up and activate things into motion and same as with SCENTS of flowers have varied magical effects on humans.  This whole business of there being an art and science just to give humans material for comparing their own thumb skills on google search to pull up information that another information addict copied and pasted or wrote on a Starbucks rant.  This is more obsessive behavior. 

The only information worth reading is someone’s direct experience as the initiator or receiver. Which every initiator is both. When you are search for learning only is direct experience in the presence of another as an exchange of love and wisdom. For that a true Seeker will use his thumbs to HITCH a ride on his journey.  All we have is our experiences of places and  adventures but the most memorable are those we shared a cup of tea and a funny joke.