Harmonic Awakening Sound Therapy

 $30 or $60 includes String bowl or $49 credit toward other singing bowl. 


Gina Marie, Music Therapist


Lisa Mirabella, Circle of Light



Francine Pitarch 


Core Vibration dictates the state of our well being. Harmonic In all forms of rehabilitation it is vital to the transition into the  Next Wave.   Reconnecting to the rhythms of life.

Preparing for the new souls being born,the next wave generation.


 Practical hands on experience of authentic Tibetan Tones 

  • How vibration operates through out the body on every level
  • Transcending the separation  through deep harmonics.
  • Nada - listening practice of meditation/Sonic Wave 
  • Dream state - Meditation - recall in healing
  • Container of Compassion - Grief program intro 


  • Family rhythms -inherited MIASM frequency

  • Living life in a new wave of consciousness

  • Strengthening the brain through ritual

  • Intro Rinzai Zen rituals and discipline

  • Tap into your inner acoustic fielD


    Adults 18 yrs and up.  

    This class is contraindicated for PREGNANT AND PACE MAKER recipient and Epilepsy.   

    DRESS COMFY in loose fit clothes. 

    BRING SLEEPING BAG/ blankets/pillow ( also if you have a ZAFU cushion.

    Must reserve in advance for an ANGELHEART linen dreamer bed and Zafu 


    Small Class -- Reservations only - pay to VIMEO|Yoga Oasis  $60.

    or PayPal.me/SonicWave  $60. ( bowl)

    OR  $30  ( eye pad) 

    Starts at Noon to 3 PM 100 Woodbury Rd. Woodbury, NY Yoga oasis Tibetan tones