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    Elaine Mackle, Director                                                                

      Elaine Mackle, Director of Tibetan Tones

      Elaine Mackle, opened the Sonic Wellness Institute in E. Northport NY to bring a new way of teaching and inducing states of meditation through various techniques of chanting, Tibetan Tones®️ bowls, drum work and Qi Gong. She has traveled to India, lived in the Osho Ashram and Ayurvedic Research Treatment Center in India, in search of her own heart condition and Self Realization. She started working in raw food healing centers for Cancer and chronic fatigue in 1995.  Elaine has found the lyme plague, EBV and retro viruses, inherited miasma and family conditioning are primary reasons for most severe disorders.  Her programs for opiate addiction crises and alcoholism are now being used in addiction rehabilitation centers. she works with Autistic families, people living on the spectrum and addiction rehabilitation at the Sonic Wellness Institute at the Shaolin Temple in E. Northport, NY.  She can be reached for appointment by email ElaineMackle@mac.com


      For the greater good., Sacred Commerce, Elaine Mackle


      Conscious Commerce in Singing Bowls


      To schedule a session with Elaine email tibetantones@gmail.com

       Sonic Wellness Institute located in the Shaolin Temple in E. Northport, NY. USA .

      The Sonic Wellness Institute is a school of transformation offering trainings and classes for individuals and professionals in meditation and sound therapies.

      Courses include:

      • Tibetan Tones® CORE Vibrational Sound Therapy,
      • Tibetan Tones Sound meditation, Level I ,II 
      • SRUTI Class - self toning for ADD, ADHD , Spectrum course                                                 
      • Corporate Wellness programs.                                                      
      • Conscious Commerce Awakening
      • The Silent series for advanced practitioners  
      • Transgender, LGBT community: the future of Androgyny 
      • Autism and families living on the Spectrum.
      • Teacher trainings for professionals psycho therapists. 
      • Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
      • Men's health and Prostate
      • Lyme disease - a family crises
      • Family Sonic Yogi Program
      • Addiction  Rehabilitation Program for professionals
      • CoCo Project - Container of Compassion bereavement and addiction programs.                                                                                
      • Integrative Tibetan Tones Techniques for professional massage therapists, PT's, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Psychologists .    

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