Elaine Mackle. Founder of Tibetan Tones Transformations

Elaine Mackle, Director of Tibetan TonesElaine Mackle, Director of Tibetan Tones

Elaine is the founder of Tibetan Tones Sonic Wellness located in E. Northport, NY. where she combines Sound Vibration Therapy with her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda and Chinese Meridian Herbal and Meridian Theory, formal Zen meditation and yoga.  Her office in NYC is 155 E. 58 th St. where she consults and gives private treatments.

Elaine holds trainings in Vibrational Sound Therapy, sound meditation and sound yoga classes. She also works with professional massage therapists, PT's, Chiropractors and Psychologists teaching how to utilize her Tibetan Tones Singing bowls to help boost recovery process for patients. 

 This is an extraordinary and gifted person with a lifetime of experience in understanding illness and living through the heart. 

Quotes About Sound Vibration Therapy From Elaine;

"Sound work is the power of vibration to shift the entire paradigm of anyone's existence."

"Sound vibration work with all types of indigenous instruments is now being utilized  to shatter the illusions that have crippled so many into a  state of emotional disconnect.”

" We use  Sound  instruments as a portal to navigate us through zones where we have lost the link to  our higher self. Sound is the way home."

"Peace is a state of being and when we are "In Tone" we are at PEACE.

To schedule a session with Elaine email tibetantones@gmail.com