Elaine Mackle , Sonic Wellness Institute

Elaine Mackle, Founder of Tibetan Tones®️

As a pioneer in the vibrational sound movement Elaine has created sound meditation techniques by combining  over 25 yrs of  her own  study and practice of Ayurveda, Zen meditation, Bikram Yoga, Qi Gong and the Osho meditations. She has trained and studied in India at the Osho ashram and Ayurvedic Research Center, the Ayurvedic School in New Mexico, worked with Gabriel Cousins at the Tree of Life  in Patagonia, AZ and the Ithaca Zen Center Body Mind Retreat center with Marcia and David Radin. She was a life long student of the late Kyozen Sasaki Roshi from 1995 until his death in 2015 at age 107.

In 2015- 16 she began developing her methods for working on patients with various illness as a practicing intern in an acupuncture clinic in NY  where she combined her TibetanTones®️ singing bowls, a particular set of high grade, spa quality, family  owned,Free TRADE singing bowls made with the purest metal bell metal alloys.

 Elaine sees herself as one of many dedicated sound enthusiasts all working together in harmony to bring all types of sound therapy back into the world.

Her focus is for all walks of life from the terminal in hospice, to cancer ,the baby boomer generation aging issues and the younger generation in need of more daily rituals in their lives. 


Elaine holds training sessions in sound vibration therapy and Zen meditation.

My first experience with the effects of bell metal tones was when I was introduce to formal style sitting at the Ithaca Zen Center in upstate N.Y. in 1995. Rigerous Zen practice is what pulled back that first vail for me to experience a wave of calm I had never known. It wasn't an EMOTION, it wasn't a MOOD. It was PEACE. It was a deeper look into the theater of my own mind that I dreamed to be my life. I was 40 yrs old, very successful and sicker than I even want to remember. It was the wave =pitch=tone of the singing bowl bell that cleared up my shen disturbance . Shen is specifically said to live in the blood vessels , as the Qi of the Heart. Meditation nourishes the Shen. Spirit /Mind. The pitch of multiple wave tones of a singing bowl, bell or tingsha strikes clear through this Shen disturbance.

I realized when I was not exposed to the sounds of the singing bowls, I would become depressed again and this led me to know that sacred sound was not my salvation but the link to my own divinity. These very specific tones had an obvious effect on my brain chemistry and spirit. The entrainment effect of the sounds induces a theta brain wave state and brings us more in touch with our breath. Pure zazen meditation allows me to explore my own inner acoustic field.


It was in my exploration of various types of metal singing bowls that I discovered the BELLE METAL bowls made with this specific design of pure alloys, weight and structure that had a more predictable outcome that I could count on every time.



Sound Vibration work is the gateway to all healing and our next Consciousness as ONE. The COMMON GROUND. Your Buddha Field. This is Shamanic work being brought to the masses to end all forms of separation, fear and hatred. This work is the bridge between all ages, religions and the relief from the unexplained agony of inherited karmic miasms. It is the great equalizer, to redefine and unify the consciousness of mankind.

Sound workers will go to all lengths to expose this work. You will find them playing in the most unexpected places to bring the transformative power of sound/vibration therapy to the world. This is an under ground movement soon to be in every city in the world. It has been going on for ever with musicians in the subways. Now we have the singing bowls and gongs and a resurgence of drumming.

 Sound is a currency and language of it's own that speaks to the forgotten ONE inside all of us. I couldn't be anymore serious than I am about Sound work with children and in cultivating the seeds and eggs of future generations. The universe will not send in anything the cosmos won't support and sound workers are dedicated to building the new cosmos. 

I invite everyone to experience an authentic TibetanTones Treatment to understand my enthusiasm.

Who Benefits from sound vibration therapy

In my own practice the people with IBS, Chrones, Lymes, Fibromyalgia, ADD, Depression, Parkinson's, anxiety and of course children have all benefited from coming for sound vibration treatments.  These people all suffer from the same common thread. It is a disconnection with their core self and I can tell you they are truly suffering. No one understands what they are going through. Teaching sound meditation to children has been the most successful project. We owe it to our children to have these tools.


If you are in health or education profession please call us about training and experiencing the Tibetan Tones Sound Vibration Process. 

Host a singing bowl -gong party at your home, school or company.

Transformation happens in an instant. We are all just a heart beat away.