Autism Spectrum Mentorship Programs

Director of Sonic Wellness has a unique approach in working with children and adults living on the spectrum. 

 "The secrets behind Zen meditation and Taoist movement is the connection to the breath and keep the mind from thinking by repeating rituals. The whole objective is to stop thinking.  Thoughts is what deflects the stream of universal consciousness from getting in. Thoughts disrupts rhythm of the breath

There is a ONE-NESS that blankets  all association.  This is the violet  tone or light of L O V E."


 We find children and young people  living on the spectrum have extraordinary  communication skills which has less to do with the spoken word.  When you realize how much we completely miss out on by always talking and not JUST LISTENING, we can get a glimpse into just how much more non verbal people have fine tuned listening skills and observational skills than most verbal people. 

“The power of just listening  when in a silent environment is how we are introduced to our own inner acoustic field.  This is the key to developing the meditation practice known as ZAZEN. We sit still in silence, the sound of a singing bowl tings 4 times and our breath connects with our heart. The mind is quiet and we train ourselves to be more objective  when the thinking  begins to torture us or even amuse us. We learn there is no difference between worrisome thinking and happy thoughts. We realize how our ind plays tricks and not to attach to positive or negative thoughts.

 Constantly we must remind ourselves to tune into our own inner acoustic field through our breath and turn off all thoughts.

In a way thumb sucking takes us away to this place and thoughts are turned off. If you have ever noticed long term thumb suckers are some of the most creative people you may have met. " Elaine Mackle.

Raising Vagal Tone

Vagal Tone , brain gut connection is the new hot button term. Without understanding the finer points of the heart mind SHEN connection this is all just more talk. We practice raising the vagal tone through chanting and various movements combined with the mysterious effects and  power of the Tibetan Tones Singing bowls. Truth is vagal toning starts every day with gargling. Every child would benefit from learning how to gargle . Exercising the larynx and esophageal musicals and nerves is something non speaking people would benefit from paying more attention to.

Taoist Movement- Tai Tone 

Various forms of specific hand movements as in mudras and typical Tai Chi or Qi Gong along with postures in a uniform order are key to readjusting the nervous system and endocrine function. The Sonic Wizard program is a set of easy free flowing movements that all students really enjoy with a sense of one-ness to the universe. It dissolves the difficulty of being in an oversensitive body in such a dense environment. The lightness of being is where they are most comfortable and flourish. This practice 

When we are able to strengthen the Qi and a new sense of safety and security arises. Confidence arises. As the Qi rises the fear and knotted energy dissipates; self conscious and low self esteem is replaced with a more rooted energy where they want to participate and have associations. Each child is different so there is no cookie cut version but we find that everyone yearns  and deserves the right of acceptance.  There is no room for anything less than TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF ONE AND ALL. The teacher must be more of a physician of the soul. Training for this work is very in depth and done only one on one as a mentorship program. Each student works one on one with their teacher. 

Tibetan Tones Sonic Wizards Project:  Please write to inquire about our programs for your family or school.

The importance of dedication and continuity in all practice is key.

A life of LOVE along with gentle structure  in the simplest things sets the tone for easier learning and achievement. By harmonizing the system we see students operate in a more joyful manner and are more inclined to connect with others. When you are a highly sensitive person you function much better when your body is grounded energetically.  Disorder many times is a result of low energy or over stimulation.

The value of a rituals in bringing self confidence and sense of security.

Supplying a strong foundation for kids and adults is achieved with a calm even mind.