Vibrational Sound Certifications Series

The Sonic Wellness Institute offers a variety of on going trainings for professional therapists as integrative therapies and anyone or group with desire to learn the transformational power of Sound as consciousness.  

 Vibrational Sound Therapy Certification Course CORE MODULE ( is Level 1-4). 
  • $450 Deposit Only (Set up payments as you wish, balance due by two weeks before the first day of class) 

  • No prerequisites FOR THE CORE MODULE other than the willingness and ability to follow easy to learn methods using Tibetan Tones singing Bowls singing bowls and other instruments.    After completion of the class a graduate will have the skills to practice the Vibrational Sound Therapy. Students must submit 15 treatment reviews from practicing on friends and family at no charge before charging for treatments. Students are encouraged to take advanced coursed of their choice to fit their particular area of practice and to learn about various in depth treatments. 

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    Core Module ( levels 1-4)  $1635-  

  • Bowl Prices Therapy Set 4 pc.

    Large Deep Resonator:  $525.00

    Med.  Deep Resonator:    265.00

    Heart Shen Bowl:              340.00

    Awakener Bowl:                  55.00                

    Total:                               $1185.00


    CLASS FEE:                        450.00 includes color book by E. Mackle

    TOTAL                       $1635.00


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    All students fill out preregistration form


CORE Class Description:

Sonic Wellness Institute Tibetan Tones®️ Vibrational Sound Therapy Singing Bowl Certification Course

This course is designed for professionals to fully understand and practice the Tibetan Tones®️ Vibrational Sound Therapy CORE Module (TTVSTCM) with singing bowls.  After completion of this course you will receive a certificate in Tibetan TONES CORE MODULE Vibrational Sound Therapy from the Sonic Wellness Institute.  All graduates are required to complete 15 pro bono sessions on friends and family before asking clients for compensation.

This class is approved for CE for massage therapists by NY COLLEGE OF Health Professionals . Only taught at NY COLLEGE for Health Professionals in NY by Elaine Mackle, Director.

THE TIBETANS TONES®️ CORE MODULE Vibrational Sound Session Series

CORE MODULE is 2 day training.. Hands on working with the therapy set. 4 bowl professional Tibetan Tones therapy set.Certifiction (This bowl is use on hands , feet, limbs and body. Contraindications, 



Starting with Core module

 Prerequisite: none. The course is the basic level for anyone with a desire to learn the Tibetan Tones® sound meditation systems.

All students must submit a full intake form before registering. 

Contraindiations: Pace makers, stints, shunts, pregnant, any areas where metal is in the body must be avoided. Lap band. Transplants.

 Objective: To educate and inspire in the process of using Tibetan Tones®multi harmonic, long sustaining vibrational singing bowls to initiate feelings of safety and security in a state of deep relaxation.

 Bowls: The Tibetan Tones® singing bowls are made specifically for long sustaining deep multi-harmonic vibrations. Made of purest bell metals in a  hand hammered process. 

 Platform:  can be done on a massage table or the floor. In an office treatment room, yoga studio or home.

 Sequence: is an advanced class to follow this course which is more for health professionals or anyone who has taken the first 16-hour class and has been reporting their session results.

 Professional Therapist Use: The Tibetan Tones®  Vibrational Sound Massages and Sonic Wave Journeys is used by therapists in fields of Psychology, Hypnosis, Physical Therapy, Dentistry, LMT, LAc. as well as Addiction Therapy and Children on the Spectrum and yoga classes.

  • The Tibetan Tones Core Vibrational Sound Massage 
  • Hands on class taught with one on one guidance from experienced teachers in Tibetan Tones Core Table series.
  • Partner work enjoying and experiencing the effects of Tibetan Tones Vibrational Sound Therapy.
  • All contraindications, 
  • Intake, follow-ups, safety, and hygiene.
  • Differentiate between mallets and styles of initiation
  • Table set up, bedding 
  • ReiQI style bowls up and down body / around face
  • On the table; Prone and Supine positions, application of bowls on body
  • The physiological effects of vibrational tones on the human body.
  • Materials for professional set up, proper bedding, contraindications, safety, and hygiene. Intake and interview procedures.
  • How Tibetan Tones bowls are made. 
  • Different styles of bowls and functions
  • About vibration and sound energy. 
  • Various positions and techniques for applying bowls.
  • Independent study: Additional reading materials and videos are given for study. Practice for approximately 3 months as they keep a log of all the sessions. Logging into the school blog spot. This is a dialogue between students and practitioners. Sharing is part of learning. Learning is developing. 
  • THIS IS A 6 weekend program for the maximum benefit and depth of training needed to be a good Tibetan Tones Therapist. We recommend everyone joins the next session of trainings. 
  • A course for yoga teachers is more for group concerts
  •  A Sonic Waves Journey is recommended for all who have taken the first weekend of the CORE MODULE.
  • INDIVIDUAL TRAININGS are also recommended for serious practitioners.



   REVIEWS:Sometimes you just know that you are at the right time in the right place. This class was just amazing. It felt like I met Elaine before and I felt right at home with her. I like her way of teaching, she just let you play and explains later.

Elaine worked on my wife after food poisoning. She had a bloated stomach as if she was 4 months pregnant. After only an hour of treatment she not only felt great, but also her stomach was reduced considerably in size. Seeing little miracles with your own eyes always help. Her whole posture changed and she could breath again.

 I like how Elaine put together a therapy set of bowls. I was always drawn to Tibetan bowls, but I couldn't find the right one. Her set takes out a lot of guessing work, and I already treated a bunch of people with amazing results.

Ron Van Beek, LMT. May 2018  Menla Spa therapist


  “ I don’t have words to describe this class, only sounds. This training is a wonderful balance of theory and hands-on. Elaine is kind and knowledgeable and I left  feeling supported and equipped to start right away. 

I would recommend this class to anyone. Weather you are a practitioner or simply enjoy singing bowls.”

Angela Aiello, LMT, NYC

RECIPIENTS experience:

" I have suffered with fibromyalgia for over 20 years. Coming for the Tibetan Tones session has lifted a heavy weight . I feel my depression or my attitude has shifted in a friendlier way. Each time I came, another layer is melting away and I became motivated. No other therapy has given me what these sessions do. Thank you." Margaret T. Bellmore, NY.

"I love how I feel about myself from the Tibetan Tones sessions.  I feel connected to myself. When I am home, I notice the birds outside the house chirping. The subtlest things bring a smile to my face. I enjoy music and realize how important it is to me now that I have been coming for the sessions. Thank you"  Jane, A.  Bay Shore, NY.

" I was in a dream,  walking by the water, I could hear it. I could feel the water spraying on me from the waves. The sound . It was like I knew I was dreaming but I was REALLY THERE. I was so peaceful. Like really so calm.  Elaine showed me my face in the mirror after the session and I could see like the little girl in myself. Every time I come I realize more and more the importance of the experience. Thank you,Elaine". Jackie, B.  Huntington, NY


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