Tibetan Tones® Master Class Teacher Training at Menla Resort May 16 - 20, 2018





This 5 day session is being held at Menla for multiple reasons. One of them being, the Dewa Spa and its staff trained by Tibetan physicians.  There is more to sound therapy than learning how to make a bowl sing.  This is the class for the Bodhisattva. It is commitment to your own true nature.  Authentic Tibetan body work, saunas, while contained in a sacred space. The  creative genius is in the Tone of everything about this spa; Tone of sound,color, smell, texture and design. Creativity comes through massive expansion of the heart. When you enter the Dewa Spa you are wrapped in the big embrace of Menla.  

Please set aside in your budget some Dewa Spa time. It will make all the difference in your ability to absorb and transcend in your sound work.

http://menla.us/retreats/1931/.   to reserve room


Tibetan Tones Master Class 

  • Anyone wishing to become a Sonic WellnessTibetan Tones Therapist to a trainer of the Tibetan Tones CORE method
  • Parents of children on the spectrum
  • physicians and therapists of all types
  • people with  chronic illness , IBS, Lyme, Fibro, Insomnia, LYME
  • anyone who wants to learn and rejuvenate with  Tibetan Tones therapy
  • Energy workers to become certified Tibetan Tones®️ Practitioner.
  • If you would like to be a teacher for Tibetan Tones®️Certified Teacher
  • Registered nurses, Hospice workers 
  • Family counselors 
  • Psychiatric Addiction Specialists
  • Fertility specialists
  • Couples looking to have a healthy vibrant baby
  • Anyone experiencing cancer
  • YOU and someone you love 




What to expect from 5 days in this course:

  • relief from stress
  • relief from insomnia
  • better digestion
  • clear mind
  • happy mood
  • higher energy
  • relief from pain
  • a renewed sense of self
  • balanced endocrine system
  • a new understanding of how the body mind connection works
  • a new way of holding rituals in your life. 
  • meet really great people - like maybe YOURSELF for the first time.
  • Couples in trouble have the most transformational results

Elaine Mackle, Director of Sonic Wellness Institute

Elaine Mackle, Director of Sonic Wellness


I welcome you to the first Master training class in Tibetan Tone Therapy. Since Oct 2016 we have trained over 150 practitioners in US and many more in India, Dubai, Prague, and Germany.  The results with clients has turned the light on..

I whole heartedly believe without this fundamental shift in vibrational tone there can be no transcendence.  There is no healing, only is transformation and ascending from here on out.

We must rise above the stagnation of the body - mind - spirit as individuals and a collective. As practitioners, we absolutely have got to get on the other side of this chronic illness, addiction, and aging issues. This is where Tibetan Tone Therapy is most useful in aiding all therapists with their practice. We can not help our children until we rise in our own vibe. This is the calling, not to become more dense but to meet them where they are at. Nothing sets off sensitive people more than dense people with rambling anxiety disorder. FEAR in others is worse than a bad flu going around. 


Although initial shift happens in an instant, maintaining daily rituals of to access the CORE and maintain balance is key.  Once the light goes on from a vibrational shift there is no turning back. You radiate light.

Tibetan Tones therapy brings relief of a haunting that had been with us for whole lives.  Trauma - Grief - Loss - FEAR...all things holding us down, we are being called to approach from a vibrational frequency and miasma stand point. Without this vibrational shift from the CORE, we will continue to shrink as a species.

John Long

Qi and blood stimulation is key to health and vibrancy.  Stagnation is a vibrational deficiency and effect of constant thinking. The mind is over stimulated, the breath is shallow, Blood and lymph become sticky causing circulation issues."


Arrive Wed.May 16th - check in 3pm

3 PM Introduction in studio/ bowls / materials

6 PM to 7 PM Dinner

6 PM to 8 PM GIAGANTICS/ sonic Wave Journey

 Thursday May 17th

7am to 7:45  chanting - tea - zazen

8 am to 9 AM Breakfast

 9am to noon - Qi Tone - Contraindications -CORE

1 PM to 3 Pm Sauna Spa or mandalla / Tuned sets

3 pm to 6 pm set ups, CORE 

6pk to 7 PM dinner

Tpm to 8 pm FIRE PIT Drums/ Nepali’s

 Friday May 18th

7 am to 7:45 chant- zazen tea

8 am to 9 am   Breakfast

9am to noon -Core - Extacy/ Protocols, client type

Noon to 1 pm lunch

1 pm to 3 pm. Sauna spa/ mandala -

3 pm to 6 pm FLOOR Studio series -gong- Dream

6pm to 7 pm Dinner

7 pm to 8 pm   DYNAMIC fire circle - Drums

 Saturday may 19th

7pm to 7:45 am TEA _ ZAZEN

8 am to 9 am Breakfast

9 am to noon contra indications/ case history SERIES

Noon to 1 pm lunch 

1 pm to 3 pm Drills. Protocols, client type

3pm to 6 pm Drills Bowls, the unconscious

6pm to 7 pm Dinner

7pm to 8  pm sonic Wave  DREAMS

 Sunday May 20th

7:am to 7: 45 chant tea zazen

8 : am to 9 am Breakfast

9 am to Noon- In deep gratitude Closing QA

Noon to 1 pm Lunch

 1PM Wrap up photos, paintings, bowls,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The hours will be long, the work is deep, the outcome is life changing,  heart expanding and invigorating.  When you meet your Spirit you understand God completely.


The Tibetan Tones® CORE Therapy set, by design, is the most effective 4 bowl combination for on the body Sound massage.  Long sustaining deep vibrational effects with polymorphic multiharmonic tones sweeps the recipient into total relaxation and complete homeostasis. A completely balanced Yin Yang state for Body - Mind - Spirit.”


The Tibetan Tones® CORE Module Sound Massage. 4 bowl method on the body as a 15 to 45 minute treatment. 

Tibetan Tones®️Sonic Wave Series - the use of Tibetan Tones GIGANTIC bowls and Nepali gongs for whole group sessions.

Tibetan Tones Classic floor series -   teaching children/ families the ritual practices to perform daily together. How to show children to use the bowls every day. This is the most effective way to stimulate children into a balanced happy state. Exercises to stimulate vagus nerves.

Qi Tones movement series-A Taoist type movement practice with Giant bowls.

Conditions : How to understand Lyme disease,inherited conditions, acute vs. chronic. Spectrum families. 

Contraindications:  Responsible awareness of when not to do what where and when.

Treatment series: How to build protocols that will bring lasting results and aid in transformation.

Sacred Commerce - the path to professional awakening. Abundance integrity. The value of relations.

Learn about how sound and vibration effects:

  • Inherited MIASMS - the family vibe.
  • Alpha - Theta - Beta 
  • Trauma
  • blood - bile - phlegm
  • yin - yang 
  • Tai yang - Tai yin/ Shao Yang Shao Yin / Jue yin - Yang Ming
  • Wind -Cold - Heat 
  • Memories stored in the cells - music memory recorder of time
  • Self Portrait - old photos - paint
  • We are the container -  card with every deceased name
  • laughter - 
  • work with digestive issues.
  • Heart rate variability
  • Vagus Nerve- brain gut connection 10th cranial nerve
  • Parasympathetic nervous system
  • Nitric oxide
  • Thick blood and blood stagnation.
  • Marma and acu points, Tibetan and Chinese
  • The yoga of LOVE
  • Discipline - is commitment 





 NON REFUNDABLE Deposit after April 2, 2018 (singing bowl credit,)


Reserve your discounted spot with $500 deposit 

 THIS IS THE THERAPY SET BUT YOU CAN apply Credit toward other type bowls. Of $1200 value. GIANT bowl, Classic bowls for same price

HOW OUR BOWLS ARE MADE- 30 hours to make each bowl.

Each family makes only one style to insure perfection in shapes.

therapy palm

LG. Deep Resonator                     $525.00
Size: 11.5” x 4.5”
Weight: 2080 gr.
For lower lumbar and abdominal area on body massage.
Used for grounding and moving stagnant energy.
Soothing vibrant deep vibrant tones sustain longer and blend with multi harmonics of other bowls.

Med. Deep Resonator                 $239.00 (1 BOWL PKG)
Size 8.5”x 3.5”
Weight: 980gr.
Workerl bowl used for all areas of the body. The extra thin design and shape of this bowl is the signature feature of the TibetanTones Deep Resonators. When placed on limbs, hand,  lower spine or abdomen of smaller body, this bowl is extremely effective in moving qi and stagnation. Extraordinary long vibrations.

Upper Body HEART Bowl           $340.00
Size: 8.8” x 3.5”
Weight: 1350
This Upper Body HEART is heavier by design with thicker rim. The vibrant swirling harmonics with deep tones has very soothing effect on the Thoracic area of the back and on the heart mind connection.  A very unique bowl.

Palm Bowl                                     $99.00
Size 6.5 x 3.2”
Weight: 650 gr.
Palm bowl is excellent for it’s higher harmonics and fits in every palm perfectly to get all the stagnant qi and blood moving in  the carpals of the hands during sound massage.


Course alone             $ 1161

TOTAL                        $  2364  

Singing bowl and certification course package. 

#1.CLASS PACK  4 BOWLS   $2150  (save $214.)  

#2 CLASS PACK  1 BOWL     $ 1400  

Other bowls available - Newest Nepali gongs - hand made drums 

See below other sets available if you already have your therapy series.



Early Bird before 3/15/18   DEP. $400         

#1 Class Pack    $1800.  save $350 

#2 Class Pack.   $1200  save $200

Save your pack w/ $400 DEPOSIT
includes all PDF AND BOOK

 PAY IN FULL  Register RECEIVE $100 BOWL Coupon



 Menla Rooms w/organic meals 4 nights / 5 days


DELUXE QUEEN                        $1250

PRIVATE QUEEN                        $1125

DELUXE DOUBLE                       $ 794

6 BED CABIN SHARE                  $ 642



( also Dorm rooms and camping ) tibetantones@gmail.com

Menla rooms 4 nights /5 days all organic meals included 

Check in 3 PM 5/16.   check out 11am 5/20 leave after Lunch 1pm




 class nov 207

 Call or email about the Teacher affiliate program,

All organic meals included. 

 Elaine Mackle

Please call before signing up.

917 - 748 - 6600

http://menla.us/retreats/1931/.   for room registering

 sign up below for #1 course rate w/4 bowls or #2 course rate 1 bowl

There will be other CHAKRA bowls in sets also for Floor series and the yogi cup brain tuners. Also GIGANTICS and GONGS.