Antique Thadobhati Singing bowls


Thadobhati Singing Bowls are among the oldest bowl forms of singing bowls.with some examples dating back to at least the 15th century.  Many show signs of considerable use, age, wear, stained. 

Modern bowls are no longer made in this shape and can never be as thin as these very old bowls. Originally made for food use. 

Basic Shape: High Wall, straight side, flat bottom, thin rim

Vocal Range: 5 Octaves (Typically 3rd and 4th). Ease of Play: Good, Very Responsive

Diameter: 4-9"(10-23 cm) Height: 2 -4 "(5 – 10cm)

Weight: 0.5 -1.75 lb    (0.227 -1.25 kg)

 SHAPE: a straighter more high-sided walls ,wide flat bottom.

Usually light weight but also THICK THADOBHATI collection are heavier w/thicker rim.

 Thadobhati bowls singing range averages 4 octaves (some notes are rarer than others). 

Great bowls for learning how to RIM SING. Train your finger tips and nervous system to sense vibrations.



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