Vibrational Sound Singing bowl by TibetanTones Deep Resonator OM 🕉11.5"

Series: Tibetan Tones Therapeutic   
Size: 11.5"  x 4.75"
Weight: 2100 gr.

Designed for on the body sound massage. Deep long vibrational bowl.

Tibetan Tones Singing Bowls 

The Therapy Series bowls are hand hammered to specifics that create deeper physical vibrations into the body. Made with a proprietary blend of alloys this is the highest quality  master crafted belle metal singing bowl in the market today.    

This is an instrument designed  for powerful vibration and long lasting sustain with the deep swirls of over tones for extraordinary entrainment effects on body, mind and brain.

These are the bowls used for profound break through restful experience.

Pulsing vibrations penetrates tissues right through to bone, break away stagnation.

This set is used by acupuncturists  to shift low back pain blockages and to take the mind into a relaxed state to ensure more robust results in treatment.

Overall outcome for client: 
-introduces deep meditative states
- increases qi and blood circulation
-enhances mood and overall sense of well being
-Stress reduction
-Focus and clarity
-Boosting Creativity
- enhances restful sleep

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