Singing bowl OM Pro Medium Sound Healing Deep Resonator Singing Bowl

980gr version of the larger deep resonator.  medium size bowl that has the same specific constructuion and design in lightness and thin rim at the larger deep resonator. Works to move stagnant qi in the limbs , palms and upper body.  

Excellent for children as a lower back  or abdominal bowl.  This is the tummy ache bowl for children or when placed on the back at night can help put a child into a sweet dream state. It's calming effects are priceless and it is all in the brilliant design.

Only the purest metal alloys are used in TibetanTones sound therapy singing bowls. There is no junk metal or lead or recycled old metals in TT therapy bowls. You feel the difference on your skin when you play a perfectly balanced TT singing bowl/

This is a body therapy bowl. Feet, hands, limbs or children’s back/ belly. Also used for shoulders.


8.75" x 3.5" comes with a wool felt ring, cotton string bag and  small beater/ suede leather stick.

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