Sonic Yogi Classes for all Young People

I  autism

Sonic Wellness Institute is a school of transformation dedicated to sharing love and information through teaching sound yoga, Muscle Meridian Movement therapy, Throat Talk , Power Drum dance, mandala art, vibrational sound meditation. Grief therapy and siblings of children on the spectrum. 


Sound Yogi Classes


 Sunday to Friday 

Hours  available by appointment PRE REGISTER


Sonic Wellness Institute 351 Larkfield Rd. E. Northport, NY. 917 748 6600

Class size 1 to 6   

Tibetan Sound Yoga at Sonic Wellness - E. Northport 

Private sessions                 $95.00.    60 minutes

Group 2 or more                 $75.00     60 minutes

 teacher                              $50.00.     60 minutes


 Please email with questions for admission into this program. 

Teacher : Elaine Mackle, the Director of Sonic Wellness Institute with over 23 yrs in teaching sound meditation and yoga has developed a unique training system devoted to the transformation of Core  Vibration.  


Prerequisite: none.  The course is level LOVE for anyone with a desire To experience LOVE as a Consciousness of a vibratory state.   


Calm the mind

Relax the body

Awaken the Spirit

Attention to listening

Develop  new rhythms

Enhance creativity


Giant drum

Singing bowl practice

Movement -  dance

Tibetan Tones meditation- deep relax

Heart Speak- Emotional expression

Self Toning - exercising the vocal and larynx.

 Breath work- expanding and contracting the lungs

Drumming - hand pan - Nepali and Frame drums, Giant Drum Copper Kettle drum



Zen Long Island

Vibrational sound therapy

Paiste Gongs

tibetan singing bowls at Tibetan TonesmeditationZen meditation 

Sonic Wellness vibrational sound therapy

Autism sound yogi children sound yogamandalla art



Class size 10 including adults maximum. Family sessions most  profound results. 

Elaine Mackle uses specific protocols in working with Autistic on the spectrum students and families, utilizing in-depth analysis of each individual student.  All ages welcome.

 "The secrets behind Zen meditation and Taoist movement is the connection to the breath and our own inner acoustic field. You obtain a sacred connection to the universe. This goes beyond person to person association. There is a ONE-NESS that blankets  all association.  This is the violet  tone or light of L O V E.  When using specific sound instruments with particular vibrational quality this harmonizes the body, which for many, have a hard time existing in the earth gravity. We are able to bring a lightness to the body through this particular form of vibrational sound work using the highest quality lead, mercury free medical grade Tibetan Tones singing bowls.  I find children and young people  living on the spectrum have extraordinary  communication skills which has less to do with the spoken word.  By raising the vagal tone through chanting and various movements combined with the mysterious effects and  power of the Tibetan Tones Singing bowls, we are able to strengthen the Qi and a new sense of safety and security arises. Confidence arises. As the Qi rises the fear and knotted energy dissipates; self conscious and low self esteem is replaced with a more rooted energy where they want to participate and have associations. Each child is different so there is no cookie cut version but we find that everyone yearns  and deserves the right of acceptance.  There is no room for anything less than TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF ONE AND ALL. The teacher must be more of a physician of the soul. Training for this work is very in depth and done only one on one as a mentorship program. Each student works one on one with their teacher. 

Tibetan Tones Sonic Wizards Project:  Please write to inquire about our programs for your family or school.

The importance of dedication and continuity in all practice is key.

A life of LOVE along with gentle discipline in the simplest things sets the tone for easier learning and achievement. By harmonizing the system we see students operate with in an orderly manner. Truth is we all crave order. It helps to ground us all.  Disorder many times is a result of low energy.  

The value of a rituals in bringing self confidence and sense of security.

Supplying a strong foundation for kids and adults is about a calm even mind.


    This course is a very unique opportunity to focus on our connection to the younger generation and create a common prayer for us to exist in greater harmony and understanding. 

 Please contact  at 917 748 6600 to


     REVIEW: “Elaine is the most inspiring teacher. My daughter loves coming to this class. She is learning new things and feeling so good about herself.  My  daughter has become much calmer now and sleeping very improved, she laughs and participates. Eye contact is 70% improved in just 4 visits. It is such a  joy to have found this class.” A very grateful Mother. 







    Please call to reserve a time for private class and brief interview. 

    Self Direction approved.

    Private sessions                 $95.00.    60 minutes

    Group 2 or more                 $75.00     60 minutes

     teacher                              $50.00.     60 minutes










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