Port Jeff Salt Cave Tibetan Tones Sound Therapy

port Jeff salt cave Tibetan Tones at the Port Jeff salt cave

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port Jeff salt cavemarcy Guzman

Marcy Guzman, RN, CRNI, Master Tibetan Tones Therapist, Reiki Master.

The Port Jeff Salt Cave is cutting edge always bringing in new modalities to raise the collective vibe. There is no better place to send a friend than to the PJ CAVE. Go for yourself and experience the difference in the state of the art system behind all that pink Himalayan rock. 

The Secret is Marcy Guzman and her husband Rich, who left working in the hospitals to find a better way and serve in their truth. They bet it all on their passion and beliefs in holistic vibrational health. They took a Vow to serve the Greater Good. 

Marcy and Rich Guzman, Tibetan Tones


Marcy and Rich have over 35 years of combined nursing practice. Marcy has specialized in infusion nursing while Rich has specialized in the Operating Room and Robotic Surgery. Marcy has developed a unique style of caring for her clients as she combines western medicine with eastern holistic modalities along with her sincere love for people. Marcy brought her Reiki practice to Weill Cornell Presbyterian Hospital in New York City where she administered Reiki to the out-patient oncology patients while awaiting and while receiving chemotherapy treatments. The program ran for two years and has since been passed onto two of her former practitioners, both Reiki Masters themselves. Come and visit our salt cave and meet us, we would welcome you greatly

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