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Sound Therapy singing bowl SET & TRAINING Holiday sale

Singing bowl sound therapy set plus instructions from Sonic Wellness Institute. Designed to harmonize the circuitry of the body mind & spirit of your family as a vibratory unit. The prerequisite class to our Tibetan Tones Core Module series and programs based on Chinese and Ayurvedic meridian theory taught with insights into Zen meditation. Enhance your relationships and  creativity, alleviate stress as you reconnect with your own true perfect nature. 

Training book and on line consultation plus videos show you how to properly apply the bowls for on body vibrational sound massage. Excellent opportunity everyone from  families professional therapists.

 The Tibetan Tones Core Series 

  • All contraindications precautions 
  • Differentiate between mallets and styles of initiatio
  • On the table; Prone and Supine positions, application of bowls on body
  • The physiological effects of vibrational tones on the human body.
  • How Tibetan Tones bowls are made
  • Different styles of bowls and functions
  •  All about vibration.sound energy 
  • VEDIC Chants.
  • 5 singing bowls set tuned already for optimal sound experience.

The design of Tibetan Tones®️Core Module bowls is perfected with specific attention to vibrational effect and harmonic tones. Each bowl passes specific sound testing for extra attention to how each set plays together to induce the theta wave state.  This is the set that never fails in treatment always getting the best results when used by skilled practitioners.  

Each set purchase includes 5 Tibetan Tones singing bowls, FULL INSTRUCTION book / videos and  consultation. All you need 

A simple course for every family to treat one another and have concerts. Become a member of the Sonic Wellness Institute today. All professional therapists are encouraged to sign up for this training and join the practitioner programs. 

LG. Deep Resonator        
Size: 11.5” x 4.5”
Weight: 2080 gr.
For lower lumbar and abdominal area on body massage.
Used for grounding and moving stagnant energy.
Soothing vibrant deep vibrant tones sustain longer and blend with multi harmonics of other bowls.

Med. Deep Resonator     
Size 8.5”x 3.5”
Weight: 980gr.
Workerl bowl used for all areas of the body. The extra thin design and shape of this bowl is the signature feature of the TibetanTones Deep Resonators. When placed on limbs, hand,  lower spine or abdomen of smaller body, this bowl is extremely effective in moving qi and stagnation. Extraordinary long vibrations.

Upper Body low heart bowl    
Size: 8.8” x 3.5”
Weight: 1350
This Upper Body HEART is heavier by design with thicker rim. The vibrant swirling harmonics with deep tones has very soothing effect on the Thoracic area of the back and on the heart mind connection.  A very unique bowl.

Palm Bowl - shaped in a rounded arc creates reverberations that travel from heart, small Intestine, lung and large intestine. 

Awakener bowl 3.5". clears the mind . opens and closes session. used in meditations.  

Sufi Chime- everyone’s favorite from infants to grandparents. Twinkling tones for enhancing the theta wave state. 

2 Soft Beater: Specially designed long handled white soft beater is uniquely designed to be playing this set of bowls.  MED? LARGE 
Suede beater stick: Special design to avoid clanging and to create a softer contact with the bowl.  

To own a set of TibetanTones®️therapeutic grade singing bowls is the mark of excellence in sound therapy. Our bowls are always copied but never duplicated. 

Bowl Prices Therapy Set 

Large Deep Resonator: $425.00

Meridian bowl:                      198.00

Low Heart Bowl:                  242.00

Palm Bowl:                             139.00    
Awakener bowl                      55.00


Total:                                          $1059.

TRAINING                                $    150.                                                                    



HOLIDAY SALE             $890.00

Includes membership , instructions VIDEOS,book and INDIVIDUAL consultation.  We want you to be able to know how to use your bowls for your desired application. Each student has different experience and reason for learning about various forms of sound therapy.  

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