Kids Mommy n Me love meditations

The Singing bowls and other sound instruments  used in this session are tailored to the group and each time we play differently .  

Every session includes a long rest period of laying on the Magical Angelheart Dreamers and both Mommy and child fall into an incredible deep state of relaxation. Many children like to share their dreamer with Mommy and others like to have their own dreamer.  Either way this is high quality time spent together.  

Our goal is for eventually these students will drop into this habit on their own of meditation after being trained properly by Elaine Mochi who has 30 yrs experience in the study of meditation and the study of Human Behavior.  

Dads are welcome too of course. 

Ages  5 to 10.  Even infants benefit from this.

If you have a colic type baby or baby that doesn't sleep well. It very good for Mother and Baby to come see Elaine for this class.

 You can always schedule a class for a few Mom's and kids at other times. We have one room dedicated tot he children's class. Feel free to call and we can take you on the tour.