The TIBETAN TONES®️ Gassho Series is for group meditation practice and Tibetan Tones chanting ceremonies  at the Sonic Wellness institute and Tone Town Temple training center. 

🙏🏼 In formal Rinzai Zen practice, ”GASSHO” means hands in prayer.  Hands pressed together in front of the chest. A sign of Giving, Gratitude, Reverence or even Apology.

When accompanied with a bow , is called GASSHO REI. 

The Gassho Series singing bowls by Tibetan Tones®️have the beautiful contour rounded like shape.  When played in rhythm they produce a cosmic type sound. 

This product comes with a Tibetan Tones Singing Bowls Carry Bag and Cushion, a suede wooden striker,  a burgundy felt mallet and 100% cotton bag.

Your choice of size. Each bowl is hand made of finest quality bronze bell metal.