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April 27, 2018 2 min read

Tibetan Tones®️ has a special training program in drug rehabilitation.  The power of opioid drugs to hijack one's Soul is a very real and heartbreaking outcome. The way back, even after detox, is a haunting, painful and lonely road. Whether you are middle age, trying to get away from opioid prescription drugs or you are in high school with a heroin, fentanyl or oxycodone addiction, it is a physical, psychic and spiritual nightmare.

The life force is weighed down by the residual energetics of the drugs. The liver is clogged and toxic. Seratonin levels are low. Anxiety is as if you are plugged into a wall socket and sleep deprivation weakens the body in a critical way.

The aura is like swiss cheese. The Spirit is punctured, allowing all kinds of dark entities in. You become super sensitive and extremely depressed.

The way back is through groups with a common thread of maintaining a daily 12 step program, having a sponsor, practicing Qi Gong or yoga and learning the power of vibrational sound therapy. 

Sleep deprivation is another reason for more prescriptions. Pain is another reason for more over the counter drugs or prescriptions, depression is again treated with more drugs. It is a never-ending cycle. Motivation is low and the future seems non-existent. 

Family support or even pressure is many times the only thing that keeps an addict trying over and over again not to go back to the drugs. for many, if it was not for the other people in their lives, be it parents, children or loved ones many addicts would remain in the dark caves of the drugs.

When someone is just off drugs the body is raw to the touch. They feel black n blue from the inside out. Their mind is clouded yet racing constantly. Intestines are weak. Sugar becomes the new drug and this only makes them weaker and more depressed. Many turn to alcohol as a way of coping. This is not an option. We must become more sophisticated in how we deal with this plague. More prescriptions are not giving anyone their spirit back.


The process of being in a Tibetan Tones®️ Core module treatment calms the spirit. The subtle vibrations help to move the stagnant Qi and blood. Breathing becomes more even and the heart rate is more consistent.  The endocrine system becomes more harmonized and the Spirit begins to come back. New stronger sleep patterns develop so the body can restore.There is a point of reference as to the self as a remembering and encouragement of what is really possible. the sense of hopelessness disappears.


Have a daily routine that is Spiritually and mentally stimulating while elevating Qi.

A Taoist movement practice like Qi Gong builds up the adrenals and nervous system.

Tibetan Tones Sound meditations raise serotonin and overall sense of well being. 

For more information about joining a group, receiving treatments or having the Core therapy programs in your area contact tibetantones@gmail.com

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