Vibrational Sound Healing

April 12, 2018

Vibrational Sound Healing

Sound Vibration Therapy
Tibetan Tones ®Transformations.

If you want to see someone smile and take their mind off their troubles, hand them a Tibetan Tones singing bowl. As they the bowl  with the magic wand, this becomes a hypnotic experience.  The sound of multiharmonic rich over tones goes on and on and yes, ..... still on. As the vibrational waves flow deep into the diaphragm you will see the recipient  drawing in long slow deep breaths. This is where the harmonization happens on a level we can not reach in talk therapy or even the most sophisticated  manual manipulations .   The tonic tones, along with the vibrational waves going into the body induces this hypnotic state of breathing as one drifts off into a thoughtless mode.

Tibetan Tones vibration therapy is the direct exposure to the vibrational waves of sound from  bronze bell metal singing bowls which are designed specifically to vibrate in a particular direction in long sustaining motions.  

Tibetan Tones Sound Vibration Massage therapy is performed by trained practitioners, placing a specific designed singing bowl with particular pitch and vibrational quality to radiate directly ON and over the body.
These are the preferred bowls of Professionals. Our bowls are currently being used by Physical therapists, Acupuncturists, Massage therapists. Chiropractics and Psychotherapsist.

TibetanTones Sonic Wave Meditations are performed by Certified Yoga instructors,Meditation , Tai Chi, Qi Gong instructors trained in performing for a group in a unique enviorment. The protocols are designed for various outcomes, to inspire and rujuvinate the Body Mind and Spirit.

This is a whole new concept in achieving health and well being. The power of sound as waves of harmonics, microtones and pure tones administered in a process designed for a predictable positive outcome.

What's it all about?

Sound Vibrational work is about accessing our next level of consciousness. It is the bridge between all ages and "mind sets" . When we are in Tone we have no judgements or fears of judgement. We radiate with the velvet tone of L O V E. Whole facial expression and posture is  totally relaxed.

Tibetan Tones therapy operates at the deeper levels of unconscious. Waves of sound vibrations travel through out the entire system, changing the structure of blood cells, eliminating stagnation and restoring balanced endocrine system. It clears clouded areas in the brain and raises balances neurotransmitters.

The Sonic Yogi revolution is.... the great equalizer, available to us all now as part of the next evolution of Human Transformation. The Past becomes The Present, The FUTURE is NOW.

Sound is  currency, a language of it's own, that speaks to the forgotten ONE deep inside all of us.  The end game here is meditation.

My prayer is to bring this work to every school, institution, home and corporation as a new way of structuring our days around the interest of self care,  relishing all our relations and  doing our individual part toward global harmony.

Children drop right into the sounds and want to create their own tones. Initiating sounds from a Tibetan singing bowl is magical and more interesting than most electronic devise activities.

I believe we all are transmitters bouncing signals back and forth, not always in the warmest way,  especially in our over wired wireless means of communication.
We owe this to ourselves and our children to investigate the power of sound meditation further. Raising the vibration of the planet begins with self toning.

We all know meditation is more powerful than medications, We just can not find a way to access it.
I invite everyone to experience an authentic TibetanTones Vibrational Sound massage or Tibetan Tones Sonic Wave Journey.

Who Benifits from sound vibration therapy. Yes, I am going to make claims to conditions that I have witnessed first hand. This is not to say anything is a cure but just to share some actual outcomes of treatment series with clients I worked with and used the Tibetan Tones method in combination with my knowledge of Ayurveda and Meridian theory.
In my own practice the people with Digestive IBS, Chrones, Lymes, Fibromyalgia, Opiate addiction, Depression, Parkinson's, anxiety, there has been ALWAYS significant  effect.   

These people all suffer from the same common thread. It is a disconnection with their core self because of whole system being out of balance, and this could be going on most of their lives as stress keeps pouring on to people with no strength to handle certain challenges on their own.

Tibetan Tones® Sound therapy effects the nervous system, digestive system by releasing obstruction of blood flow to all injured areas. Sound meditation can be done in the home and practiced every day. Training is key and for this reason we need more trainers.

Sufi Master Hazret Infant Khan wrote centuries ago, “The physical effect of sound has also a great influence upon the human body. The whole mechanism, the muscles, the blood circulation, the nerves are all moved by power of vibrations. The human body is a living resonator for sound..every pitch that matches natural pitch of the voice will be healing of that person as well as of that of others when he sings a note of that pitch”

Sound waves and rhythms alter cellular functions through energetic effects;
It entrains biological systems to function more homeostatically;
calms the mind and therefore the body;
It has emotional effects which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides which in turn helps regulate the immune system.
All forms of energy influence cellular function at the level of cellular receptors.

I invite you all to bring Sound Meditation into your life. Teach your children a TIME OUT more as Tune In with their bowl to regulate their system. Play a bowl softly on a Childs belly to get them into deeper sleep pattern. As couples the most restorative thing you can do for one another is learn how to use the Tibetan Tones system on one another.

Take a workshop for your own knowledge and benifit.
Become a Tibetan Tones certified practitioner and be involved with the on going research and development of programs.

In Deep Gratitude,

Sonic Wellness Institute


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