Grief : the all consuming passage to the highest form of LOVE.

November 16, 2018

Grief : the all consuming passage to the highest form of LOVE.

Elaine Mackle, director of Sonic Wellness Institute and founder of  CoCo    Container of Compassion Project

"The loss of a child creates a radical  shift in the life force of the whole family.  Grieving parents and children are left behind in agony.  The opioid crisis, lyme disease, suicide and unexplainable rate of car accident deaths has to be our number one priority. We hope to help alleviate the suffering and create a new space for programs to support the growth of healthy communities. We must begin at the Source."

"By bringing someone in touch with their own inner acoustic field, they come to a very deep personal connection within them selves. This is a re-harmonizing of the shattered self.  No one can be rushed out of their grief or into creating a better life. Our job is to walk along beside them, offering a container of love and compassion, have some tea, listen to their stories and teach them ways to build strength. We introduce them to a sound spectrum of vibrational waves. We leave them be, to experience the vibrations as a portal to their own way home ,to reconnect with Source. Their pain never leaves them; it transforms into an impenetrable Stillness.  This is Mastery in it's highest form. These families are our teachers."  E. Mackle




Qi Gong

Grand Master Goulin - " We practice Qi Gong to regain life force to pull one out of the depths of despair from tragic loss in the family. Without Core Strength we will loose our connection to all of life. "  Sonic Wellness Institute  Shaolin Temple